Engagement is Key!

Engagement is Key!

When we were starting out, someone once said to me that older people weren’t interested in technology, well I’m glad I didnt listen!

The pictures you see are but 2 of 16 different sessions we ran last week – a quiet week as we are already seeing people starting to peel off before the Summer.

Our programme consists of a range of Digital Drops-Ins, Workshops, Online Services Support, Community Learning courses and our online Digital Awareness social group. We also provide critical support in the home and dedicated work with disabled residents and others with access needs.

We directly helped over 500 local residents on 2022, across a mere 5 square miles in South London. Its only July and we have already exceeded this figure demonstrating both the need and the role the voluntary sector already plays in this area.

This is no surprise to us working on the ground but to broker trust, build confidence and provide access to services to the communities least able to or furthest away then you have to go out there.

Our work demonstrates, over and above anything else, that engagement is key and with engagement you can spark motivation and build confidence.

When reading reports such as the recent one written by the Communications and Digital Committee on digital exclusion and the findings from GetOnLineLondon and in Greater Manchester we must remember that an equal component in change is from within ourselves – and for that we must have a reason to engage, to learn and we must build upon quick wins we can do for ourselves.

If we feel coerced or that all this digital stuff is for someone else’s benefit or cost savings its no surprise there is resistance. When ‘technologies’ such as Test and Trace or the Emergency Alert are rolled out with poor communication or do not work its even harder to bridge this gap.

If people are ‘going digital’ for the first time at the point if crisis it should be no surprise that passwords get lost, vouchers are not claimed or that claim appeals go in late to the DWP.

The community building and outreach work we do is so crucial is helping to understand places, space and people, from here we have fighting chance of helping change happen.

UK Emergency Alerts

UK Emergency Alerts

On Sunday 23 April 2023, there will be a national test of the UK Emergency Alerts service.

What is it?
Emergency Alerts is a UK government service that will warn you if there’s a danger to life nearby. In an emergency, your mobile phone or tablet will receive an alert with advice about how to stay safe.

What will it sound like?
A siren-like bleep that will go for approx 10-15 seconds even if the phone is set to silent. If you are hard of hearing or visually impaired your phone may vibrate or give an audio message.

What to I do when I see or hear it?
You will not need to do anything during the test, just observe the message. If you see a similar message in the future, STOP what you are doing, take note of any instructions and FACT CHECK!

Am I being monitored?
Your phone number has not been given to the government and it does not need to know your location to send an alert.
It is being transmitted across all 4G and 5G networks.

How do I know if it is genuine?
After the test, be mindful of future alerts as it is possible that scammers could use this to trick you.

FACT CHECK before doing anything and DO NOT automatically click a link or answer a call if it looks like its from the Government or the Police.

The alert will not replace other sources of news or information such as the radio or TV. If you are unable to check with a friend of family member then try to FACT CHECK for yourself when you see the alert.

Can I turn it off completely?
You can turn this off completely within your “Settings”. Look for “Emergency Alerts” or within your notifications.

Further info can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/alerts or search Google for ’emergency alert uk’


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