Getting more from Google

Did you know that Google is more than doing a quick search and checking email?
This course helps learners use and access the variety of different tools and apps available by having a Google account.

Getting more from Google supports people to extend their digital life skills.

Each week we cover a different topic, through practical activities, discussions and demonstrations learners will be introduced to different google applications such as photos, YouTube and creating documents.

Our hands-on approach gives people an opportunity to feel more confident exploring their devices independently and discover new things which are useful to them in their day-to-day lives.

This course is designed for people looking to build on and consolidate their fundamental skills. They must have an ability or willingness to use their device independently, and currently use it on a regular basis for work and/or at home.

What we cover

Intro to Google Accounts

Overview of google accounts, how they work and managing your account on different devices.

Managing Email

Learn how keep your GMail organised explore other features including contacts and calendars.

Creating & Sharing Docs

Learn how to create, edit and share documents using Google Docs & Sheets

Managing Photos & Files

Learn to mange photos and files using Google Photos and Google Drive

What we cover

Introduction to navigating different Google apps including YouTube, Translate, Keep, Maps and how they can be useful.


Induction & Assessment:

There will be a full induction before the course starts to ensure you have all that you need, you know the support that is available at that the course is suitable for you.

Putting it all into Practice

Practice what you have learnt, get your questions answered and decide the next steps in your digital learning.

Additional Support:

Learners will be able to attend other activities to consolidate their learning.

Digital Drop-ins

Friendly & informal drop-in support for computers, tablets & mobile phones.

We can help you use your device, ensure it is safe and help you develop your skills.

Next Steps

If you have any questions about this course or would like to register then please contact us using the form below or call us onย 07523 646 277.


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