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Since the beginning of lockdown we have helped over 100 people stay connected over Zoom!

Online video chat platforms are quickly becoming a way to stay in contact from the comfort and safety of your own home. Zoom is one of the most popular video chat platforms. Community groups, teachers, colleges, counsellors and friends are increasingly using it to keep in touch. It is being used to run workshops, choirs, discussions and even pub quizzes!

To help everyone get involved, we ran Zoom classes that help local residents and groups develop their skills, build their confidence and benefit from new technologies.ย 

Our introductory classes were designed to give people an opportunity to learn and practice the basics of Zoom, as a group and without pressure! Helping people stay in contact with their loved ones and take part in online activities while keeping safe at home.

Our advanced classes gave a practical, hands-on guide through the key points and top tips in managing a Zoom meeting with the opportunity to experience more advanced features and explore what Zoom has to offer.

At the end of every class, people had the chance to ask questions, whether a first timer or more specific questions about the different features – no question is too basic!

The Zoom sessions were really useful in helping to navigate around Zoom – I did two sessions – one of which was an introduction and the second about helping to think about how to host a virtual meeting. It was immediately useful as I had to run a virtual meeting with 17 participants… We were encouraged to participate and ask questions and learn from each other. Thank you for the session – it was really helpful in these new digital times and it has helped me gain skills and confidence with new (to me) technology.

Christine Landreth

Zoom: Learning and Practicing the Basics

We started at the beginning. In the classes we learnt how to…

  • Creating an account
  • Account settings
  • Gallery and speaker view
  • Different video and audio settings
  • Chat and ‘reactions’


Zoom. Learning the basics for Adults with Learning Challenges or Autism

Basic classes tailored specifically for adults with learning challenges or autism. In the classes we learnt…

  • Account settings
  • Gallery and speaker view
  • Different video and audio settings
  • Safety & privacy online


Managing Zoom Meetings: A Practical Guide

In the classes we learnt how to…

  • Schedule a meeting and inviting attendees
  • Create calendars and contacts
  • Manage a meeting and ‘code of conducts’
  • Setting up polls and break out rooms


Very useful and interactive session – if we don’t have the answers, we work to find them out together!

Lucinda Lane

The host was welcoming, friendly, inclusive for people of all levels of Zoom experience and expertise. Instructions and explanations were clear and patiently repeated when I asked.

Thorkild Gantner

I attended a really helpful training session via Zoom on how to manage Zoom for meetings. Very clear, engaging and well-managed session.

Elizabeth Ash

Croydon Communities Consortium (CCC)

Our free Zoom training has come to an end.

Contact us if you would like training for your community group or organisation.ย 

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