Connect Up

This 6-week introductory course helps learners develop the fundamentals skills needed to participate and communicate safely online.

Course Outline

Each week we cover a different topic, through practical activities, discussions and demonstrations learners will get to grips with using different online tools in a fun and friendly environment.

Our hands-on approach gives an opportunity to try, make mistakes and learn as a group to build confidence in using the internet independently on their smartphones, tablets or computers.

  • Session 1 – Course Induction
    With support from our team of staff and volunteers, get set up with what you will need to get the most out of the course.


  • Session 2 – Email 101
    Learn the basics of how to navigate your email account, structuring and sending emails and attachments.


  • Session 3 – Using Zoom to Join Activities
    Learn the basics of how to join a meeting, basic controls and best practices when joining a video call for the first time.


  • Session 4 – Searching Safely
    Learn the basics of finding information online, understanding search results, navigating websites and what to look out for.


  • Session 5 – Intro to ‘Learn My Way’
    Overview of the Learn My Way curriculum, setting up an account and explore the online courses on offer.


  • Session 6 – Putting it all into Practice
    With support from our team of staff and volunteers, practice what you have learnt in the course, get your questions answered and decide the next steps in your digital learning.



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