Digital Awareness Online Programme

Digital Awareness Online Programme is designed to give group support to people wanting to develop their digital skills, feel safer online and have fun!

The classes are run online using a video chat platform called Zoom.
Classes are FREE and take place every Tuesday at 11am.

Interested in joining? Contact us here or call 07523 646 277.



I have been a new member of the digital skills for seniors and found it to be a welcoming group, who are very willing to share their knowledge and digital tips and dilemmas.

I enjoy the workshops are relevant to us and deal with our immediate needs. 

Our Approach

We cover the essentials of using today’s technology, combining practical skills with fun.

We share activities and demonstrations to help our students become more confident using the internet and their smartphones, tablets or computers.

Absolute beginners are welcome and no question is too basic.

Our hands-on approach gives the opportunity to try, make mistakes and learn as a group.

The classes offer a forum to address concerns and common barriers people face using their devices.

We resolve these difficulties together, empowering our students to take ownership, be independent and get the most out of everyday technology.


I think it’s great, my mum actually managed to download Zoom and continue her weekly computer classes that she absolutely loves! It definitely helps to keep the old routine going as well as adding purpose to the days so thank you! X

Zoom Training

If you need help installing,or using Zoom to access this class we can provide the help you need once we have heard from you.

Class Format & Topics

We generally cover a main topic over three weeks, allowing us time to introduce the subject and then to focus on different aspects such as different devices.

These classes are beginner level, covering the essentials of each topic.

Each term we cover three main topics with a couple of recap sessions. These recaps will go over the main points and could be useful for others who have already got the basics as well as the beginners who have attended the main classes.

Students will be invited to join a private WhatsApp group which enables questions relating to the topics covered in the classes. This group provides extra support between classes and encourages students to support each other in their learning.

Over the course of the year we aim to cover basic topics relating to common devices, website and apps, in order to give our students the confidence to live in a world which is ‘digital by default’.

Topics include managing email, searching the internet, using common websites such as YouTube and apps such WhatsApp, basics of social media, how to take and manage photos and how to use settings to customise your device to suit your own needs.


The classes have improved my confidence in buying and paying on the internet and avoid scams

Thank you for not making me feel clueless. Really appreciate what you did. Small steps

Class Etiquette

Students are expected to register for the whole term and attend most classes.

Our classes have become very popular, so we may have to limit numbers to give everyone enough attention. To keep receiving the emails and links to join the classes, students must let us know if they are unable to attend any of the classes. Anyone missing three classes in a row without letting us know may lose their place.

New students can only join at the start of a new topic and must have had a short zoom session with a class leader beforehand. This will ensure students are familiar with using zoom and enable the class leader to understand the needs of the student.

The class WhatsApp group is for Digital Awareness related topics only and sharing of unrelated material is strongly discouraged. Questions relating to a specific tech problem will be answered at a general level and individual help will be addressed outside of the group chat.

We encourage curiosity and aim to give people the skills to be able to find the answers for themselves in the future.

We aim to help people feel more comfortable using the internet, navigating and interpreting the information they find. We teach new skills to filter search results, understand privacy settings and have the confidence to avoid scams and unsafe websites.

Advice and support is provided throughout, signposting to other services, activities and events in the community.


I would thoroughly recommend these workshops and have got a lot out of them. Without this group I wouldn’t be able to Zoom. And oh how I have Zoomed since learning how to. This has put me in much better contact with family, friends, and lots of things going on of interest in my local and global communities.

If you, a family member or neighbour are interested in joining, then please get in touch to discuss.


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