Meet the Team

Caspar Kennerdale

Caspar established ClearCommunityWeb in 2019 to help tackle digital exclusion at all levels, working directly with older people, vulnerable adults, and carers. He has many years’ experience managing digital operations, projects, and web development.

ClearCommunityWeb provide classes, workshops as well as critical support and work to help build confidence and awareness to be safer and more independent online.

Caspar is a keen supporter of people and relishes in helping local residents overcome what often feels like adversity with ‘tech’ challenges and believes digital should be accessible to all.


Georgina Foster

Before joining ClearCommunityWeb, Georgina was an Event & Project Coordinator at Upper Norwood Library Hub.

Most recently Georgina worked on a Citizen’s Advice scheme, Big Energy Saving Network, the role involved delivering energy advice sessions to help people in the community access impartial information and services. She continues to work at Upper Norwood Library Hub as a Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator.

Georgina has a BA in Photography and has co-facilitated workshops at charities working with refugees. Previously, she lived in Nepal where she started a social enterprise that provided training and work opportunities to local photographers.

Eve Miller-Biot

Before joining ClearCommunityWeb, Eve worked as the Practice Manager of a holistic therapy centre in Crystal Palace looking after staff, business and clients. She spent some time temping in various different organisations and amassing skills, experience and stories.

She has a Master’s in Social Entrepreneurship and has a keen interest in people, sustainability and governance -with a particular focus on how to centre humanity in the workplace.

Usually found behind the scenes, Eve likes building structures and processes, solving problems, writing and generally making things run impactfully and sustainably for the benefit of all.

Sue Gauge

Sue initially joined ClearCommunityWeb as a volunteer, helping with the Digital Skills for Seniors classes at the Upper Norwood Library Hub.

Before joining ClearCommunityWeb, Sue had been a civil servant for 14 years in the Ministry of Justice, most recently as Product Manager for the case management system which managed prisoners through the parole and release process.

Sue’s role included liaison between the staff who used the system and the software suppliers, ensuring that new software developments met their needs. Sue’s previous roles have often involved working with users to identify their IT needs and working with software designers to implement them.


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