Joining a Meeting on a Smart Phone or Tablet

Before you join a Zoom meeting on a smart phone or tablet you need to download the Zoom application – view our Zoom Basics: Downloading resource if you need help doing this. 

Once you have downloaded the Zoom application you can join a meeting on your smart phone or tablet in two ways – link or meeting ID.

You will have been given by the person hosting the meeting either or both the link and meeting ID.

To join by link, click on the link you have been sent. Zoom will automatically open when you click on the link.

To join by meeting ID, open Zoom on your smart phone or tablet, click join and enter the meeting ID you have been given. You can also visit the Zoom website ( or click on the button below to join a meeting.

You may be required to enter a password to join a meeting – enter the password you have been given when prompted. 

Click on the buttons below for more information and test out joining a meeting.

Smart phone or tablet

Joining a meeting

Try out a test meeting first

Video from Zoom

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