Since January we have been working with Kings College students to help design a research project to enable us to understand in more detail the triggers in anxiety caused by using technology and in particular around online safety.

We can all feel uneasy when we‘re faced with something new or there is something we don’t quite understand, however we also noticed that our devices themselves or the internet can be even more frustrating or worse.

So what if we were able to dig deep and understand this in more detail and even provide a set of tools helping people to take a step back, think the problem through and use this to build confidence?

Well, that is our plan, and using research gained directly from interviews and surveys from over 100 people we will run a series of ‘Safety Surgeries’ later in the using helping residents overcome some of these challenges by sharing experience and small group activities.

The Civic Challenge was an opportunity to bring this idea to life and lean upon the expertise of students in this field. A HUGE thanks goes to Cristian Escudero for leading on this project at Kings College and we are excited to see where this will take us.

It was also a perfect moment for our Programme Coordinator for Community Tech Support, Eve Miller-Biot, getting this over the line after recently becoming full time with us.

Watch this space!


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