Kings College Civic Challenge success

Kings College Civic Challenge success

Since January we have been working with Kings College students to help design a research project to enable us to understand in more detail the triggers in anxiety caused by using technology and in particular around online safety.

We can all feel uneasy when we‘re faced with something new or there is something we don’t quite understand, however we also noticed that our devices themselves or the internet can be even more frustrating or worse.

So what if we were able to dig deep and understand this in more detail and even provide a set of tools helping people to take a step back, think the problem through and use this to build confidence?

Well, that is our plan, and using research gained directly from interviews and surveys from over 100 people we will run a series of ‘Safety Surgeries’ later in the using helping residents overcome some of these challenges by sharing experience and small group activities.

The Civic Challenge was an opportunity to bring this idea to life and lean upon the expertise of students in this field. A HUGE thanks goes to Cristian Escudero for leading on this project at Kings College and we are excited to see where this will take us.

It was also a perfect moment for our Programme Coordinator for Community Tech Support, Eve Miller-Biot, getting this over the line after recently becoming full time with us.

Watch this space!

Extending our support into Bromley

Extending our support into Bromley

Exciting times to be making new connections and never more so than to extend our work into the neighbouring borough of Bromley.

This is something we have been slowly working on the background and getting to understand the needs of the community.

With a combination of grant support from both the BTSE Innovation fund  and the London Community Foundation Bromley Community Fund we will be delivering a combination of different sessions throughout the rest of the year.

We start by launching our first Bromley Community Tech Support drop-in at Anerley Town Hall, every Monday 11.00-13.00 from 16th May. We have also set dates for our Community learning program as well as some of our Mobile Phone Boot Camps.

We are already talking to various partners within Bromley to provide another drop-in as well as to extend our hand to support other organizations with digital training and volunteers. The support so far from Bromley Well had been outstanding (thank you Nicola and Sue!) as well from Crystal Palace Community Trust.

You can see everything we have coming up in Bromley here and will keep this updated as and when new dates are announced.

Drop in to Drop Off

Drop in to Drop Off

We are truly excited to announce a partnership with Community Tech Aid as part of our upcycling and sustainability remit. 

Community Tech Aid are the leading light across Lambeth collecting unwanted devices, securely wiping them and re-distributing to the community. 

They have worked without 150 organizations, distributing a staggering 988 devices and so make perfect sense for us to work together and share expertise. 

From now on we will be able to take donations at any of our Community Tech Support Drop Ins and ensure they not only get securely wiped, devices get repurposed or parts get recycled but will we get to work with one of our closest friends in South London. 

Together we can promote the benefits of upcycling and continue to provide devices across our network in Lambeth, Croydon, Southwark and Bromley. 

So please, if you have any unwanted tech, Drop In to Drop Off.

New spring schedule for Community Tech Support Drop-ins

New spring schedule for Community Tech Support Drop-ins

Changing times ahead as we confirm our Community Tech Support Drop-in schedule for the Spring. 

We have some new partners for this project which we have been working on in the background as well as bringing our work to new communities. 

Community Tech Support provides friendly & informal drop-in support for computers, tablets & mobile phones. We can help you use your device, ensure it is safe and help you develop your skills.  

We can also help to set up or recover accounts, install apps or transfer files. 

“A place to get support, quietly practice or ask for advice.” 

Due to the planned refurbishment at the Platform Café in Loughborough Junction we will now be working alongside the fantastic Healthy Living Platform in their new home in the Moorlands Community Centre. 

We will be providing Community Tech Support there every Thursday at 10.00 from the 12th May. 

Directions can be found here. 

Next up we will also be starting weekly drop-ins every Monday 11.00-13.00 from the 16th May at the Anerley Town Hall. This is something we have been working on for a little while now and is part of a broader programme we are about to launch in Bromley. 

The complete schedule of Community Tech Support can be found here. 


“You are really very helpful to the community you don’t know how many people appreciate your service. Keep up the good work. Thank you all your help and support to our community. They need you.👍👏”
Croydon Spring Programme Announced

Croydon Spring Programme Announced

Stepping out the other side of Easter, we have a full programme of activities in Croydon designed to help build confidence and awareness and digital technology and provide critical support. 

Our Connect UP course has been a success so far in Crystal Palace. A six-week introduction to using email, searching safely, connecting by Zoom and using ‘Learn My Way’ has been funded by the Good Things Foundation 

“The tutor is patient, down to earth and made the class fun as well as realistic by using simple jargon. The classes have built my confidence with my dyslexia. Thank you. Thank you”

We have 3 new cohorts announced. Start dates, times and venues below: 

From 19th April 13.30-15.30 at Age UK Croydon, Thornton Heath 

From 20th April 10.00-12.00 at Upper Norwood Library Hub 

From 9th June 14.00-16.00 at Wellness Centre, Whitgift Centre, Croydon 

You can register for any of these HERE 

We also return with our Mobile Phone Boot Camps, this time at the Wellness Centre, Whitgift Centre in partnership with the Croydon BME Forum. 

We have 3 monthly dates announced starting on Friday 22nd April 14.00-16.00. 

Full details are HERE 

And finally, we continue our weekly Community Tech Support drop ins at both Age UK Croydon (Tuesdays) and Upper Norwood Library Hub (Fridays) 

Full details are HERE 

Enjoy your Easter! 


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