Alongside our Community Tech Support Drops Ins we also run a series of short courses we call our Community Learning programme. 

Community Learning, for us, means creating useful and practical courses for those new to the internet or computers or those that need to brush up on skills. We try to create sessions which are informal and try different ways of helping residents learn new concepts. 

They are designed to provide the skills necessary for work or to participate in accredited learning at a college but equally important is a sense of learning from each other’s experiences and understanding the challenges we all face.  

We now will be running regular Community Learning courses at the Upper Norwood Library Hub – our spiritual home, and where it all began for us at ClearCommunityWeb. A full schedule of date will be announced shortly but first up will be running our Connect Up course from Wednesday 20th April 10.00-12.00 for six weeks. 

Click here for more details. 

We will also be announcing similar dates in Croydon and Bromley as well as developing our digital programme with West London Mission and Lambeth Adult Learning. 


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