Practical sessions to learn Zoom facilitation

Practical sessions to learn Zoom facilitation

We have been busy trying to connect as many people as we can to their community groups, services and family. A combination of helping people access or learn to use their technology, signposting to crucial local services and listening.

A huge part of this is helping community leaders, case workers and facilitators with their digital skills so they have the tools to continue their crucial work.

With this in mind, we launched a new class – Zoom: Managing Meetings. This is aimed at those either starting to or looking to facilitate meetings of 3 or more people.

We cover the practical aspects of managing groups of different sizes and different skill levels, a tour of the settings, what it means to be a host and a co-host.

We then focus on Recording, Polls and Break Out Rooms.

This is not a webinar or a demonstration but an opportunity to experience some of these features as a participant and then try things out in a friendly group setting; make all those mistakes ahead of a ‘real’ meeting, get questions answered and learn together.

These are free and on the following dates at 2pm.
May 28 
June 4
June 11

Our Learning and managing the basics class focusses on using zoom as a participant, we cover using the app, sharing files, using chat and reactions as well as meeting etiquette and we still have places if this is for you.

Lastly and importantly – the updated version of Zoom is being released at the end of the month. I’d advise everyone to ensure they keep Zoom (and all their apps ) up to date to ensure they utilise new security features and guard against hacking.


Zoom learning proving popular

Zoom learning proving popular

Since the beginning of this crisis we have trained, enabled or helped over 100 people use Zoom to meet up with friends, family, community groups, faith groups and virtual pub quizzes.

Its a real demonstration that what is simple for some is not so simple for others, yet we can all benefit and keep in contact with our loved ones and to access crucial support.

This is not about technology for its own sake. This is more about our wellbeing, building confidence and something we can do together even when we are apart.

Zoom is not the be all and all. Facetime & WhatsApp can still do the job – but Zoom is being used increasingly by larger groups – so, if you haven’t why not give it a try.

We are still running our Zoom classes  on Monday and will be announcing some more advanced sessions to those wanting to facilitate or run their own meetings.

It’s been a pleasure to partner with Croydon BME forum to help some of their elders this Wednesday and will return on the 27th.

We are also in the processing of develop some really simple guides and resources – as most seem too complicated … so watch this space.



New Virtual Classes

New Virtual Classes

We’ve been working hard in the background to develop a programme of classes and workshops that work remotely and help us keep in contact with you and to help where we can.

We have also been developing our remote 1 to 1 service helping resident with technical queries, assisting them with critical form filling & applications as well as signposting to important local services. We have also been working closely with community leaders to help them reach out and connect with their groups. This is FREE to Croydon residents. We also work in Lambeth and Southwark.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question about any one of our classes or wish to take up our offer of 1 to 1 support by email on or phone on 07523 646 277.

Digital Skills For Seniors (Every Wednesday 11am on Zoom)

Our Digital Skills for Seniors Class has been running for over 18 months and had now gone virtual. We check in, I signpost resources , we have some activities and then demonstrations guided by the group.

The aim is to help people feel safer online and better placed to make decision BUT importantly it is supposed to e a bit of fun. No question is to basic and is a drop in class.

It is delivered via Zoom.

If you, a family member or neighbor would like to join, then contact me directly by email or call 07523 646 277

Zoom: Learning and practicing the basics (Various)

Zoom seems to be all the place, from classes, social gathering and family chats.

Our introductory sessions are designed to allow you to have a place to ask questions and practice some basics without any pressure.

Online Shopping Explained for Older People and Carers (Various)
This class is designed to show you the inside out of making a food shop online. How safe it is, managing a shopping list, registering for priority services and who is delivering where.

We aim to answer all your questions clearly and in a safe environment.

“Digital Skills for Seniors” moves to a virtual setting

“Digital Skills for Seniors” moves to a virtual setting

For the last 14 months or so we have run ‘Digital Skills for Seniors’ class at the Upper Norwood Library Hub where we have concentrated on helping our older residents become more comfortable and confident interpreting the information they see online and learning how to navigate around the internet.

But how to cope and react to the COVID-19 situation?

We started with a catch up ‘conference’ call using Zoom, something we have successfully used with our charity clients. 7 regulars were able to access the meeting. It took a few phones calls and there is a now a to-do list, BUT broadly speaking we got there and between us developed a nice little format.

So now we have a regular ‘virtual’ class which is set to continue for the next 3 months or so.

We start off with a general catch up on ow people are and coping and then share information about which shops are still open in the local area and which shops/ suppliers are doing local delivery.

We then had a quick activity to practice using Zoom and a web browser simultaneously; not so simple for those on a tablet.

We then explored the NHS 111 symptom tracker, the new COVID symptom tracker and had an update on some of the new scams that have emerged.

We finished off with a demonstration of the Kanopy video streaming service which is free to UK library card holders and some of the wonderful BFI online film archive.

We will be continuing with a similar format so feel free to join and bring some suggestions to the table.

You can access the  ZOOM class by clicking the following link from 10.45 every Wednesday

Please contact me first if you have never attended one of our classes BUT all are welcome.07523 646 277 or


Interviewed on the Live Lunch

Interviewed on the Live Lunch

Today, director Caspar Kennerdale was interviewed for the “Live Lunch” broadcast on FaceBook to discuss the Digital Lounge initiative at the Upper Norwood Library Hub.

The Live Lunch with Clear Community Web

Presented by Barbara Gunter and Galina RinTo be featured on the show please contact (please don't message the page.Don’t hesitate to contact @clearcommunityweb here, by phone 07523 646 277 or email –…/

Posted by Upper Norwood Library Hub on Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Digital support during these times

Digital support during these times

I wanted to send a message to explain some of the ways we can help non-profits, community groups and local residents during these confusing times.

We are providing the following:

1 to 1 sessions and small group support.

We are offering support, advice and hands-on help to

  • Set up video chat software to stay in contact with family, friends, neighbours during this time. (Skype/ Facetime/ WhatsApp)
  • Helping you to set up online shopping account and making that first purchase
  • Critical form filling and applications: Council, Rent, Health Service

I would like to run a group session on using Skype ahead of everything closing down as this would be a really good way to learn! We can set this up so that we are at a safe distance.

We are operating Tuesday and Friday mornings at Upper Norwood Library whilst it is open to the public but can arrange other times. Contact Caspar 07523 646 277

Community Remote support

We can provide remote support to solves issues with your computer or to walk you through setting up video or shopping online.

This is available now and will continue if public buildings close.

Community Groups/ Working from home

We are providing special training and set up for community groups and non-profits who need to say in touch using Skype or Zoom.

We can assist you in remote working and provide direct support for your beneficiaries.

We are here to enable you to help your folk!

Contact Caspar 07523 646 277

Technology and changing the way we do things can be stressful and a strain, especially when forced upon us

My goal is to make this as simple as it can be especially during these times.

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