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Tea & Tech – Using comparison websites to save money & reduce energy bill

Tea & Tech – Using comparison websites to save money & reduce energy bill

Talks, activities and a helping hand to stay safe online, make new friends & become ‘Digital Citizens’.

We will be taking residents through a series of different comparison websites and demonstrating how we can use the internet to make better choices with our utilities.

There will be one to one advice from the Big Energy Savings Network to evaluate individual energy bills.

So bring your paperwork along ! – Your most recent bills or access to your online account if you have one

Tea and Tech is a series of workshops & events to make the digital world a whole lot simpler.

We cover a range of topics including personal security, managing your health online and making payments.

We have activities to follow and a chance to try new things such as a tablet or assistive technology.

Time is always set aside for ‘community fixing’ – helping you with updates, installing apps, accessing old accounts and other niggling issues.

We are always looking for volunteers so please get in touch if you can spare a few hours to help local resident.

WHEN: Friday 24th January at 12:00

WHERE: Upper Norwood Library Hub, Westow Street, SE19


Tea and Tech @ Kingswood Community Shop

Tea and Tech @ Kingswood Community Shop

Welcome to the new year!

We have two community events coming up at the Kingswood Community Shop, a new venue for us and hopefully the start of more to come for 2020.

Community Fixing

Tuesday 14th January 17.00-19.00

Community Fixing provides 121 help and assistance with your own devices or laptops. It is a community-based initiative where we try to give you a hand up or help you to troubleshoot things for yourself.
We are there to answer questions, provide quick fixes or advise on any problems you may have with your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Come on down, get questions answered and problems solved.
Typical issues we can assist with include:

  • Running updates
  • Installing/ uninstalling programs or apps
  • Checking anti-virus and security
  • Transferring photos and files between devices
  • Check for hacking
  • Running backups
  • Accessing email accounts
  • Resetting passwords
  • Sending images and other files
  • Setting up Skype and other messaging
  • Review social media privacy settings
  • Advise on software to use.

We can’t guarantee being able to solve every problem or fit everyone in but we will have a good go!

Personal online safety: workshop, tips and support

Tuesday 21st January 17.00-19.00

Do you have an apprehension or fear around the safety of the internet, email or your mobile phone?

Tea and Tech” is an informal workshop and presentation exploring subjects such as:
• Personal Online Safety
• Mobile Phone Safety
• Management of Email/Personal Information
• Online Scams – how to recognize and avoid them

Tea and Tech is designed to make the complicated simple for all to understand. 

Kingswood Community Shop

-38 Seeley Drive, London. SE21 8QR



Let’s look forward to 2020

Let’s look forward to 2020

It’s that season again and just wanted to say a big thanks to all who have attended our sessions, helped out or spread the word.

Since setting up early in 2019, it has been the mission of Clear Community Web to help people with their computer troubles and questions, to help develop skills and help them feel safer to get more out of the digital world around us.

Underlying this, we are trying to help people make better decisions and not be excluded from changes in the way we access services, job opportunities and to combat against isolation.

To date over 32 different people have attended our now over-subscribed “Digital Skills for Seniors” class at the Upper Norwood Library Hub, we have conducted over 108 one 2 one sessions helping people with everything from technical and hardware issues to registering to vote. We put on 4 Tea and Tech events which had a mix of fixing, talks as well as a host of guests from Leonard Cheshire and Croydon BME Forum and we are now hosting a CoderDojo – lead by Simon Hammond; helping our younger residents learn about coding.

We ended the year by facilitating a Christmas video message project in partnership with Willow Learning for Life and Croydon Mencap which can be seen here

But what’s next for the new year?

January 7th 11.00-12.15 at the Upper Norwood Library Hub

“Digital Skills for Seniors” re-starts for the new year. Please contact us beforehand if you are interested in this class

January 14th 17.00-19.00 at the Kingswood Community Shop

Community Fixing : 121 help and assistance with your own devices or laptops

January 21st 17.00-19.00 at the Kingswood Community Shop

TEA and TECH: Personal Online Safety : A FREE workshop exploring online safety, mobile phone safety, scams, passwords and managing email

January 24th 12.00-14.00 at the Upper Norwood Library Hub

TEA and TECH: Comparison websites and saving money on your utilities

March 6th 12.00-14.00 at the Upper Norwood Library Hub


April 10th 12.00-14.00 at the Upper Norwood Library Hub




The first “Tea and Tech” launches at Upper Norwood Library Hub

The first “Tea and Tech” launches at Upper Norwood Library Hub

An amazing 35 people turned out for the first “Tea and Tech” at the Upper Norwood Library Hub.

It was a joint celebration to launch the new Digital Lounge programme at the library and to acknowledge a staggering 43 years of volunteering in the community by long term resident Lynn Thomas.

A really big thank you goes out to those that helped on the day: Nanda, Annie, Kalina, Emily, Stephen & Simon, as well as to Chris Neath @ the Library.

The idea is simple – to give senior residents a helping hand with their mobile phones and digital technology in general; or simply a place to come and have straight forward questions answered informally without feeling silly or out of touch.

This also extends to cares, family members, neighbours, learning or physical requirements or those not sure who to ask!

Bringing people together and asking questions is a good way to combat isolation, and the ‘digital world; can feel imposing or lonely if you are unsure or concerned about something you’ve heard on the news.

Future events will be a little more structured with a talk/ discussion and then a ‘fixing hour’ where you will be able to sit down and either work through a specific question or issue with your device.

The next “Tea and Tech” will be on the 6th September 12.00-14.00 at the Upper Norwood Library Hub. There will be information accessing medical and health services online, both nationally and in our local area .

You can book a place here (it will help with numbers and how many to cater for) or simply turn up.

Free to attend to donations welcome.