Since the beginning of this crisis we have trained, enabled or helped over 100 people use Zoom to meet up with friends, family, community groups, faith groups and virtual pub quizzes.

Its a real demonstration that what is simple for some is not so simple for others, yet we can all benefit and keep in contact with our loved ones and to access crucial support.

This is not about technology for its own sake. This is more about our wellbeing, building confidence and something we can do together even when we are apart.

Zoom is not the be all and all. Facetime & WhatsApp can still do the job – but Zoom is being used increasingly by larger groups – so, if you havenโ€™t why not give it a try.

We are still running our Zoom classesย  on Monday and will be announcing some more advanced sessions to those wanting to facilitate or run their own meetings.

It’s been a pleasure to partner with Croydon BME forum to help some of their elders this Wednesday and will return on the 27th.

We are also in the processing of develop some really simple guides and resources – as most seem too complicated … so watch this space.




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