Joining a Meeting by telephone

If you have been invited to join a Zoom meeting or helping a friend or family member but don’t have a computer, smart phone or tablet then you can join a Zoom meeting by telephone. 

You will have been given by the person hosting the meeting a meeting ID – you need this unique number to join the meeting.

To join a meeting by telephone, dial the teleconferencing number provided in your invite. Enter the meeting ID when prompted using your dial pad.

You may be required to enter a password – enter the password you have been given when prompted. 

If you don’t have a teleconferencing number on your invite click on the “Find your local number” link in your invite or click on the button below.  

Depending on the hosts account you may be charged, if a number is toll-free it will say “Toll Free” next to the teleconferencing number in your invite.

Click on the buttons below for more information about charges, dial-in numbers and rates. 

Joining a meeting by telephone

Dial-in Numbers

Dial-in charges

Dial-in rates

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