Your opportunity to help with the Digital Divide.ย 

Our Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Class Assistant:
Helping set up classes, working with small groups and generally assisting.

Class/ Event Host:
Helping to set up, taking registrations, meeting & greeting, signposting and refreshments

1 to 1 Assistant:
Individual assistance with more technical tasks such as create emails, running updates, installing software

Tech Upcycling:
Assessing tech for its upcycle potential, installing operating systems, minor repairs

Volunteer Coordination:
The coordination of our volunteer program and to develop volunteer processes

IT/ Security Advisor:
Assisting with our back office and in particular Cyber Essential and other Accreditation.
Office 365 knowledge required

Website Developer:
Help to develop template and content in ether Drupal or WordPress

Business Planner:
We are looking for a volunteer to help wrote a business plan and coordinate business process implementation and auditing policies

To help on community stalls and open days spreading the word

It’s wonderful to learn and help at the same time.



Why Volunteer?


  • Meet new people and build community
  • Make a difference to the lives of others
  • Good for your mental health
  • Expand your knowledge, skills and experience
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem

“Well-informed workshop with suitable timings and length of the session. Relevant topics for discussion and support.”

“The whole course was very useful and provided different insights on different ways of providing digital support to others.”

“Fab course. ย Thanks Abel and Caspar!”

Digital Volunteer Training

Summer 2021


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