During JulyAugust & September we will helping 10 selected isolated residents access the internet for the first time. We have been granted 10 android tablets with data and will be donating these alongside 1 to 1 support from some local ‘Tech Buddies’ who will help them to browse the internet, use video messaging and access email. 

They will be shown a range of local activities they can access and be supported to experience the Crystal Palace festival is it goes online. 

We will also be looking for a cohort of ‘Tech Buddies’ to exclusively spend time with residents during the Crystal Palace Festival and help them experience an oine festival for the first time. 

Please read the descriptions below and if interested fill out an application form here. 

We will be running introduction/ induction sessions within the next week  

Tech Buddy 

We are looking for a team of Tech Buddies to help our selected senior residents over the summer. 

 You will help them to learn how to use their donated Android tablet, access a range of online classes and groups they may be interested in and support them to access the Crystal Palace Festival online during the weekend of 15th / 16th August. 

You do not need to be whizz with Tech!  Being comfortable with a tablet or a willingness to learn on the fly with others is key, as is patience and having a sense of humour.  

You will be asked to 

  • Set up the tablet to specification (support is provided if needed) 
  • Deliver the tablet and take a resident through a basic guide and some ‘how tos’ 
  • Spend up to 6 weekly sessions with a resident to help learn how to use selected apps 
  • Signpost to selected activities and events online 
  • Support the resident to access the Crystal Palace Festival (and maybe even participate!) 
  • Support to resident to be interviewed either by the Upper Norwood Library Hub or Crystal Palace Festival 
  • Support resident to attend a celebration event at the Upper Norwood Library Hub in September (Pending government guidelines) 
  • Ensure media consent forms are signed and case study recorded (if resident is willing) 

 This project will run through July and August. 

 Time commitments per supported resident 

  • 1-2 hours induction 
  • 1 hour tablet set up 
  • 6-8 hours 1 to 1 time between now and end of August 
  • 1-2 hours in September for celebration event 

Crystal Palace Tech Buddy 

We hope to provide support for isolated residents and those living in sheltered or assisted living accommodation to experience the Crystal Palace Festival online this year. 

This may be helping to set up or tech or sitting with someone during part of the festival. We do have some tech which we will be able to loan on the day, but if you had a laptop or tablet you could use we could help more people access this unique event. 

This could be a residents house, garden or in a communal area 

Time commitments 1-2 hours induction 

  • 2-4  during the festival (15th/ 16th August) 
  • 1-2 hours in September for celebration event 

Application form


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