Welcome to the new year!

We have two community events coming up at the Kingswood Community Shop, a new venue for us and hopefully the start of more to come for 2020.

Community Fixing

Tuesday 14th January 17.00-19.00

Community Fixing provides 121 help and assistance with your own devices or laptops. It is a community-based initiative where we try to give you a hand up or help you to troubleshoot things for yourself.
We are there to answer questions, provide quick fixes or advise on any problems you may have with your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Come on down, get questions answered and problems solved.
Typical issues we can assist with include:

  • Running updates
  • Installing/ uninstalling programs or apps
  • Checking anti-virus and security
  • Transferring photos and files between devices
  • Check for hacking
  • Running backups
  • Accessing email accounts
  • Resetting passwords
  • Sending images and other files
  • Setting up Skype and other messaging
  • Review social media privacy settings
  • Advise on software to use.

We can’t guarantee being able to solve every problem or fit everyone in but we will have a good go!


Personal online safety: workshop, tips and support

Tuesday 21st January 17.00-19.00

Do you have an apprehension or fear around the safety of the internet, email or your mobile phone?

Tea and Tech” is an informal workshop and presentation exploring subjects such as:
• Personal Online Safety
• Mobile Phone Safety
• Management of Email/Personal Information
• Online Scams – how to recognize and avoid them

Tea and Tech is designed to make the complicated simple for all to understand.


Kingswood Community Shop

-38 Seeley Drive, London. SE21 8QR




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