Safety Procedures

During Covid-19, we have worked hard to continue to provide digital support in the community. We have adjusted to a new way of doing things, to keep our beneficiaries safe while ensuring they receive the help they need to stay connect and have peace of mind.

Tier 5/ Lockdown

Updated January 2021

Following our risk assessment we are unable to make in house visits for support which in Tier 5 or Lockdown.

We can visit on the doorstep (with PPE) to provide quick assistance.

We continue to work remotely and can help with issues using a secure Remote Desktop Support Software – AnyDesk.

We are, of course, still available by email, zoom and phone.

We can help with technical problems, we can provide some advice as well as helping you access account or setting up emails.

If you have an enquiry and need to contact our support please visit this page

How we keep you safe

We have run the majority of our programmes online, but as we begin to run group classes and do home visits in line with government guidance we adhere to the following:

Group Classes

  • Group sizes capped at a capacity permitted by the latest government guidance.
  • Cleaning of all touch surfaces between classes.
  • Risk assessments completed for all programmes.
  • All staff and volunteers are updated on the latest Covid procedures.
  • Staff and volunteers must wear PPE (visor or mask) for the duration of classes unless except.
  • Masks and hand sanitising provided for learners.

Home Visits

  • Wearing masks at all time when meeting in-person including outdoor visits.
  • Regular sanitising of hands/anti-bacterial wipes when touching devices.
  • Staying at a distance of at least a meter a part whenever possible.
  • Location of visit determined on a case by case basis to meet the requirements of beneficiary.
  • Assistance on doorstep or outdoor locations (such as garden) provided when possible. 


How to keep yourself and others safe

Be aware and considerate of others, it is important not to do or say anything that may make learners feel comfortable or compromise their safety. Please follow the guidelines below to keep yourself and others safe:  

Group Classes

  • Do not attend classes if you feel unwell or have been asked to isolate. 
  • Wear a mask when not seated in allocated space unless except.
  • Regular use of hand sanitiser or hand washing provided during classes.
  • Try where possible to keep at a safe distance from others in all spaces within the venue.
  • Bring anything you may need to each class such as a bottle of water, notepad and pen. 

Home Visits

  • If you feel unwell or have been asked to isolate please notify us before the scheduled visit.
  • Prepare a space for the home visit when possible that allows for social distancing.
  • Try where possible to keep at a safe distance during the visit.
  • Ensure no additional people are present during visit unless agreed in advance.
  • Keep pets in a separate room when possible.
  • You do not need to wear a mask but may be asked to wear one if cannot keep at a safe distance.

Our Venues

Before we start in-person classes, we make sure our venues have up to date risk assessments and adhere to Covid procedures. Read more details below on the measures our venues have in place to keep you safe.   

Upper Norwood Library Hub

  • Enhanced cleaning of all touch points and venue space each day or required during increased activity.
  • Hand sanitising/handwashing facilities available throughout the building and required on entry.
  • Temperature checks and sign-in for everyone entering the building.
  • Masks required when entering and exiting the library hub and in an inside space unless medically exempt.
  • Social distancing both inside the building and when queuing to enter.
  • Pre-booking for all events & activities to maintain safe capacities & provide information if required by Test & Trace.

Read more about their Covid secure procedures here.


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