We have been busy trying to connect as many people as we can to their community groups, services and family. A combination of helping people access or learn to use their technology, signposting to crucial local services and listening.

A huge part of this is helping community leaders, case workers and facilitators with their digital skills so they have the tools to continue their crucial work.

With this in mind, we launched a new class – Zoom: Managing Meetings. This is aimed at those either starting to or looking to facilitate meetings of 3 or more people.

We cover the practical aspects of managing groups of different sizes and different skill levels, a tour of the settings, what it means to be a host and a co-host.

We then focus on Recording, Polls and Break Out Rooms.

This is not a webinar or a demonstration but an opportunity to experience some of these features as a participant and then try things out in a friendly group setting; make all those mistakes ahead of a ‘real’ meeting, get questions answered and learn together.

These are free and on the following dates at 2pm.
May 28 
June 4
June 11

Our Learning and managing the basics class focusses on using zoom as a participant, we cover using the app, sharing files, using chat and reactions as well as meeting etiquette and we still have places if this is for you.

Lastly and importantly – the updated version of Zoom is being released at the end of the month. I’d advise everyone to ensure they keep Zoom (and all their apps ) up to date to ensure they utilise new security features and guard against hacking.



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