We’ve been working hard in the background to develop a programme of classes and workshops that work remotely and help us keep in contact with you and to help where we can.

We have also been developing our remote 1 to 1 service helping resident with technical queries, assisting them with critical form filling & applications as well as signposting to important local services. We have also been working closely with community leaders to help them reach out and connect with their groups. This is FREE to Croydon residents. We also work in Lambeth and Southwark.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question about any one of our classes or wish to take up our offer of 1 to 1 support by email on caspar@clearcommunityweb.co.uk or phone on 07523 646 277.

Digital Skills For Seniors (Every Wednesday 11am on Zoom)

Our Digital Skills for Seniors Class has been running for over 18 months and had now gone virtual. We check in, I signpost resources , we have some activities and then demonstrations guided by the group.

The aim is to help people feel safer online and better placed to make decision BUT importantly it is supposed to e a bit of fun. No question is to basic and is a drop in class.

It is delivered via Zoom.

If you, a family member or neighbor would like to join, then contact me directly by email or call 07523 646 277

Zoom: Learning and practicing the basics (Various)

Zoom seems to be all the place, from classes, social gathering and family chats.

Our introductory sessions are designed to allow you to have a place to ask questions and practice some basics without any pressure.

Online Shopping Explained for Older People and Carers (Various)
This class is designed to show you the inside out of making a food shop online. How safe it is, managing a shopping list, registering for priority services and who is delivering where.

We aim to answer all your questions clearly and in a safe environment.


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