Come and take part in The Family Centre (New Addington), Myatts Field North (Brixton/ Oval) and the Wellness Centre (Croydon) 

In 2022, our Mobile Phone Boot Camps proved to be one our most popular programmes and proved to us that by working in small groups and discussing some of the stresses and annoyances about phones can bethe difference for many people.

We all get annoyed when smart phones don’t do what they should, that notifications can be stressful if we don’t understand what they mean and the information we hear about safety and the internet can be overwhelming!

Slowing down, practicing our accuracy and giving ourselves some space to think can be the tonic that makes a difference!

This year we want to help more people just be that little more independent and to feel safer with their phone when out and about. This could be you or a family member!

The format is simple; Each session there will be a variety of activities to try, depending on number of people and the activities available.

Over a typical session you may get to try two or three activities and share what you have learned over a cup of tea.

And so, we’re excited to announce 8 new dates, across The Wellness Centre (Croydon), The Family Centre (New Addington) and Myatts Field North (Between Brixton/ Oval).

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