She works across a variety of areas – from delivering our Digital Horizons programme, working 1 to 1 with vulnerable residents and managing partnership projects – always with a smile.

“It is really exciting to see programmes come together. When we started Digital Horizons, it was just an idea.

Now we are coming to the end of the 12 week programme, it’s been really rewarding to see the positive impact it has had – seeing how much peoples digital skills have developed and how much their confidence has grown has been amazing!”

Georgina has a BA in Photography and has co-facilitated workshops at charities working with refugees. Previously, she lived in Nepal where she started a social enterprise that provided training and work opportunities to local photographers.

“When technology feels so familiar, its easy to think its easy, but it really isn’t! There are so many barriers that individuals face, and so many options available that it can feel quite overwhelming.

I have learnt the importance of approaching each case individually, spending that extra time listening and responding to those individual needs.

Although it can take a while, when you support someone to get on to an exercise class on Zoom or YouTube to listen to their favourite music you know its been worth it!”

Georgina’s real skill is keeping our lessons clear and easy to understand for learners and making them feel at home.



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