ClearCommunityWeb help people feel more confident and comfortable with technology through classes, workshops and individual support.

We run 8 weekly drop-in sessions across South London as well as Mobile Phone Boot Camps and a full Community Learning programme.

We also assist in helping people access online services via a network of Community Hubs across the Borough to help with the Cost of Living Crisis as well as providing access to donated devices.

Finally, we also provide home support to residents referred by local charities and services as well as providing assistance to disabled people and carers.

We worked with over 500 people in 2022 with a small term of staff and wonderful volunteers.

We often get asked how people can get involved or help, and there are 3 simple ways.

  • Participate in the Croydon Community Lottery. 60% of the process go directly to us an other voluntary services s in Croydon. You get a chance to own £25,000 each week
  • Volunteer with us. We are always looking for people to help within our drop-ins or our community learning programme. Its a great way to develop people and technical skills.
  • Donate to us directly, either via our Kindlink donation page or by considering us with your donated tech if you are upgrading or clearing out your office

Such brilliant ways to help us reach more people and improve lives


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