Since 2021 we have been running a programme of Digital Drop-Ins across South London, providing a friendly, informal space to get questions answered or problems solved for your laptop, tablet or smart phone.  

Many people also choose to use the space for online learning or ‘homework’ from one of our courses with the confidence that you can get support from a member of staff or volunteer when you need it.

Typical things we help with include:  

✔ Setting up accounts  

✔ Installing apps  

✔ Resetting passwords  

✔ Being safer online  

✔ Transferring files  

✔ Checking for problems   

✔ Starting at the beginning 

We help you build the confidence and skills to do this stuff for yourself.

Our sessions run daily across South London an nd each venue has its own different feel. 

If you haven’t been down yet and you want a little nudge in the right direction, then come along and say hi!  

All are welcome! 


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