For the last 14 months or so we have run ‘Digital Skills for Seniors’ class at the Upper Norwood Library Hub where we have concentrated on helping our older residents become more comfortable and confident interpreting the information they see online and learning how to navigate around the internet.

But how to cope and react to the COVID-19 situation?

We started with a catch up ‘conference’ call using Zoom, something we have successfully used with our charity clients. 7 regulars were able to access the meeting. It took a few phones calls and there is a now a to-do list, BUT broadly speaking we got there and between us developed a nice little format.

So now we have a regular ‘virtual’ class which is set to continue for the next 3 months or so.

We start off with a general catch up on ow people are and coping and then share information about which shops are still open in the local area and which shops/ suppliers are doing local delivery.

We then had a quick activity to practice using Zoom and a web browser simultaneously; not so simple for those on a tablet.

We then explored the NHS 111 symptom tracker, the new COVID symptom tracker and had an update on some of the new scams that have emerged.

We finished off with a demonstration of the Kanopy video streaming service which is free to UK library card holders and some of the wonderful BFI online film archive.

We will be continuing with a similar format so feel free to join and bring some suggestions to the table.

You can access the  ZOOM class by clicking the following link from 10.45 every Wednesday

Please contact me first if you have never attended one of our classes BUT all are welcome.07523 646 277 or



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