We have finally met our target of providing digital support in Lambeth every day of the week. Our fantastic new session at The Old Laundry in Stockwell (Tuesday 2pm-4pm) has made this happen!

Our Digital Drop-Ins help residents build confidence with their device, provide critical support if they have lost access to an account or believe they have been hacked and provide direct pathways to our Community Learning programme, employability opportunities and accredited learning.

We also provide dedicated sessions for disabled residents and carers, through our D.A.T.A programme in partnership with Millennium Community Solutions and provide access to devices via Community Tech Aid.

A crucial new programme for us is our Online Services Support response to the Cost of Living Crisis. Here we help residents with’ online applications and access to services.

For many this is a minefield. Sometimes little assistance in getting everything ready is enough and for others actually being taken through the process of creating and checking email or uploading key documents is a critical intervention. We already work hand in glove with organizations like Centre 70, Brixton Advice Centre and Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

We currently can be found bi-weekly within the Healthy Living Platform pantries (Moorlands, Myatt’s Field) and Clapham Park Cube.

Finally we have been piloting some new work as we have co-designed some workshops alongside Healthwatch Lambeth within the Fiveways PCN to raise awareness of and support residents to use the NHS App.

2024 is looking good as we deepen our work with both Community Tech Aid and Millennium Community Solutions as we bring our programme to their Digital Community Hub and Neighborhood Hub respectively, strengthening the relationship we have developed since meeting under Covid.

We will continue our monthly Mobile Phone Boot Camps at the Myatt’s Field North Centre & the Clapham Park Cube and will be launching our new Healthy Digital programme to support the use of health related apps and technology so that we can all be more on control over managing our own health.

Hope to see you out there!

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Digital Drop-Ins

Our Digital Drop-ins provide a friendly, informal space to get questions answered or problems solved for your laptop, tablet or smart phone. You can also practice in a supported environment and get access to other local learning programmes.

Online Services Support

Our Online Services Support provides friendly help with completing forms, creating accounts, accessing the council, NHS and DWP online. We can help you get everything ready for an application, teach you how submit relevant documents and be more independent.


Community Learning

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