Following #socialprescribingweek, these picture sum up for us what both formal and informal Social Prescribing can look like in the community.

Helping an unpaid carer navigate many barriers and challenges with both digital technology and ‘the system’, our Community Tech Support Drop Ins are situated right where people are already seeking support, respite through the day or seeking connections.

The Platform Café and Loughborough Farm are not only perfect but NECESSARY partners for this work, providing the space, nutrition and a welcome to the spring ahead.

The mighty fine Lambeth Larder is ever-present providing access to broader information, advice & guidance directly for resident and for organization working with those in need.

Our Community Tech Support drop-ins provide digital support, access to fixing, provide a quiet and friendly space to practice and have a little time to learn something new. Many stop for a cup of tea and continue to come back.

By giving people the time and space to understand their challenges and a gentle push we believe that Community Tech Support is a crucial local service to help people be more digitally included.

We work to 3 principles

  • Support is best placed where residents are already receiving other help or participating in activities.
  • Small group and peer support, not only motivate, but can provide the best environment to learn new things or to get organized without it being too overwhelming.
  • Traditional places of learning and ‘shiny new’ libraries can be intimidating.

It’s not surprising that many of our beneficiaries are directly referred by GPS, linkworkers, community builders, Mutual Aid, food banks and libraries across Lambeth, Southwark & Croydon.

We look forward to developing new relationships within the community network with BIG news beginning with ‘B’ coming very soon ……

We are at the following spaces every week:

Feel free to pop along with your questions or challenges!

If you would like to host one of our drop-ins in your Community Space – then contact us


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