The story after only 7 days! The figures speak for themselves.

We have reclaimed the following from local cupboards, sheds and underneath beds collecting dust.

27 Laptops
8 Towers
13 Tablets
1 Printer
1 Set of Speakers
23 Phones
5 Monitors
3 Hard Drives
5 Keyboards
1 Xbox

AND …….

A Pink Umbrella

We will repurpose, upcycle and strip for parts for local residents in need. We work with #KeepCroydonConnected and #CommunityTechAid across a wider area and what cant be used or monetized is ethically recycled.

All hard drives and devices are wiped

SO ….

If you have an old laptop, phone, computer or monitor going spare, then we are collecting and refurbishing tech for local residents in need.

We mainly help older people, vulnerable adults, carers and young families.

What might be old, slow or redundant to you can be put to good use!


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