Digital Volunteer Training

Our person-centred approach to helping people with technology can help you understand the motivations, challenges, barriers & underlying assumptions which can affect a positive outcome for a local resident or family member.  

Active listening, observation and exploring together are critical to this being successful.  

Importantly, you will gain the tools to support the people you work with better! 

To extend your learning you will also have the opportunity to practice what you have learned through our programme of Mobile Phone Boot Camps and Digital Drop-Ins.

Importantly, you should have the tools to support the people you work with better!

As staff and volunteers this also allows people with all abilities to help someone else as well as to learn a variety of skills.

The objectives are:

  • To understand the challenges in supporting people with technology
  • To develop a person-centred approach over a technical one.
  • To provide a framework to help start or support a digital support programme within an organization or community project.
  • To practice and develop skills to assess and assist learners both remotely and in-person.
  • To become familiar with other support and resources available.

Over 4 monthly sessions we will cover:

  • What skills you need
  • Setting goals, assessment & pathways
  • Observation and physicality.
  • Working with different devices and setting them up
  • Giving instructions, working with activities and exercises
  • Common challenges
  • How to apply this to your own learning journey

About ClearCommunityWeb 

ClearCommunityWeb are a social enterprise, that provides borough-wide digital skills training, advice and support services to community groups, older people, vulnerable adults and carers across Croydon, Lambeth and Southwark.  

We understand, for many people, technology can be overwhelming. Making information as simple as possible can go a long way in giving people the confidence to overcome their fears and anxieties. Our services walk through the steps to resolve computer issues and difficulties people are having in staying connected.  

We work closely with community groups and non-profit organisations, providing training and direct support for remote working. Enabling support workers to have keep in contact with vulnerable service users, share digital skills within their organisation and promote digital inclusion in their network.  

We have become a place where people feel comfortable contacting and asking, no question is too basic, and we work together to overcome the challenges we face. As the demand of our digital one-to-one support services increase, we are working hard to expand our reach, and include everyone in our online community. 


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