Elsie’s Story

Elsie Henderson - Holding a tablet

Elsie has been a ClearCommunityWeb beneficiary for a while, and is a regular of our Digital Awareness for Older People classes.

Elsie was interested in purchasing a tablet but had never used one before. As part of the Digital Horizons programme, she was loaned a tablet, courtesy of the Lambeth Digital Inclusion Fund, to try out for herself and joined the 8-week introductory course.

Elsie commented, โ€˜The Digital Horizon programme is an excellent programme to attend, if you are nervous about anything digital, you will be assisted with tender loving care from a team of experts. So get involved! It is the place to be guy’s!โ€™

Else was initially given door-step support to help her get started, connect to the internet and find her way around the home screen. Although she felt confident using her smartphone, it took some time to familiarise herself with a new device.

Through the weekly classes, Elsie learnt the basics of how to use the tablet. She found the classes on changing settings, downloading applications, watching videos, taking photos and getting directions particularly useful.

Elsie used the weekly activities provided to help her practice using the tablet in her own time. Inspiring her to look for videos about International Womenโ€™s Day and documentaries by David Attenborough on YouTube.

Going forward, the course has helped Elsie build the confidence to explore, navigate and problem-solve when using a tablet. She has decided to purchase her own and will seek advice from ClearCommunityWeb to find herself a suitable choice.



Posted on

May 18, 2021


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