Last week we ran our first Zoom. Learning the basics for Adults with Learning Disabilities or Autism class where we focused on navigating the Zoom interface, some tips for conducting yourself online and we had a little tour of some other classes and social groups using Zoom aimed at adults with an SlPD.

We are running this again this Thursday and would encourage you to sign up early.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help getting Zoom.

Our Digital Skills for Seniors class reached a pinnacle of 14 people as we stated the first of a series of sessions focusing on social media. We have focused on Facebook the last couple of weeks and have spend time looking at local and interest groups, privacy settings and how to find someone.

It’s interesting discussing everyone’s point of view, and even seeing some changes as we ‘look under the bonnet’, and for some, show Facebook for the first time.

Finally, we are involved in a new project with the Upper Norwood Library Hub called All Alone, Together. Its an Arts Council Funded project which will see the development of a series of audio time capsules capturing the memories, thoughts and opinions of local residents during lock down.

If you are interested in taking part, then please complete the community survey here.

We’ve been working closely with other local charities to see how best we can help to get people online and to see some of the benefits this can bring. This partnership work is as central to what we do alongside our classes and One-to-One service.

Speak to you next week,



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