We’ve been little quiet of late as we have been working back out in the community.

Mondays and Wednesdays we can been seen at the Tessa Jowell Health Centre or Blackfriars Settlement alongside Link Age Southwark delivering a program of ‘Digital Awareness’ talks to help older people build confidence either access the internet for the first time or to fill in some of the niggling gaps in knowledge we all have.

Being safe online and managing email better are core subjects for us, building upon Essential Digital Skills.

We’ve run activities on checking password strengths, having a strategy about what you share or not within a personal profile, recovering passwords and using maps and journey planning – all really useful stuff!

It’s been fantastic to meet some people in person – some we know, some we know of and some new faces completely.

It’s also been an opportunity to spend individual time again with people in a more social setting and we have a lot more to come.

These sessions with Link Age Southwark will continue in September to please check our calendar for further information and how to book.



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