Loan Scheme

We have a small selection of Laptops available to help local residents who need access to a computer at home for a short or medium term loan.
This could be to help with a job search, access online learning or to freshen up on skills.

You are able to borrow one of our laptops for either the period of a short course (for example Mental Health First Aid or other Level 2 course), or for one or 3 months.

You will need to sign a loan agreement and be willing to participate in our evaluation program which will help us understand what is useful and helpful in such a loan scheme. We are testing the viability of a permanent scheme in the local area.

If you don’t have access to WIFI at home, we can also provide a MIFI units pre-loaded with 25gb of data. You will be responsible for any additional data you use.

The project is funded by Lambeth Council and is run in partnership with the Upper Norwood Library Hub.

Am I eligible?

You need to be a local resident,  live within 3 miles of Crystal Palace and need access to a laptop at home.


What laptops are available?

We have a set of refurbished HP Elitebook 2560 laptops with webcams.

We have some other donated items which we are evaluating to increase our stock


What can I use the laptop for?

Primarily, the computers are there to support residents with their personal job search, to enable online learning or as a temporary replacement.

The laptops are set up with Microsoft Office, Teams, Zoom and Skype.

If you do not have access to WIFI we can provide a MIFI unit with 25 Gb preloaded, however you would be responsible for any subsequent data.


How long can I have it for?

You can borrow the laptop for either 1 month, 3 months or for the duration of a short course (for example a 4-day Mental Heal First Aid Course).


Do I need to do anything in return?

We have received funding to provide this program. As such, there is a loan agreement and you will agree to participate in a short questionnaire about how you have used the laptop and how it has helped you achieve your personal goals.

We will contact you once a month to see how the laptop is working and whether you have any additional needs.


What if I need to install something?

If there is a particular piece of software that you need to get installed we will be able to do this for you remotely.


What about my data and information?

On return of the laptop the user account will be wiped and your data will be lost. It will not be stored anywhere.

If you have files you wish to keep you will need to save them onto a USB stick. We can assist with this on return of the laptop.


What if it breaks?

If the laptop is broken or damaged in anyway, you must return it to us immediately. We cannot guarantee a replacement


What support is available?

We can provide remote assistance with the computer if there is something not working, something needs to be installed or you need to be shown something.

You will have access to a regular drop in session where you can ask questions.

If you need additional support to access services or setting up accounts than you are able to access our Community Tech Support program.


What next?

If you are eligible for the scheme please complete our registration form, or call 07523 646 277 for further details.


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